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An operating system is an interface that is responsible for connecting the computer to computer hardware. In the simplest terms, we can define the operating system as the software that performs and performs all the functions of the computer and hardware. The concept of the operating system was first introduced in the 1990s, but today; we can see a long list of operating systems from which to choose. The study of the operating system is compulsory for all IT students because it serves as a basic platform for IT professionals. As a result, students from almost all computer backgrounds study operating systems and most of them have trouble studying. Many students also struggle to complete operating system assignments for a variety of reasons. Therefore, they seek help on the assignment of the operating system. AssignmentHelpServices is very knowledgeable in providing help with operating system homework to students around the world.

Examples Of Operating Systems

  • UNIX - This particular operating system is the main one and is considered to be the best operating system among all. It used for this purpose of controlling and organizing the computer system.
  • Mac OS - The Macintosh operating system is the most primitive type of operating system. It is an operating system based on a graphical interface. It is widely used in a number of workstations and computer systems.
  • Linux - This is a type of open source operating system that works on multiple platforms. Some of the operating systems on Linux are Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat, etc.
  • Windows operating systems - This is the most used and best operating system. Each year a new operating system is launched by the company and the last one being the 10S windows

Operating System Functions

The operating system is considered the backbone of the entire computer and, therefore, performs a number of functions. Below mentioned, are some of the functions of the operating system: -

  • It helps in detecting the error and reports on the various works of the system.
  • It manages the entire device as well as the device files.
  • It manages and supports the memory of the computer.
  • He manages the processes and operations of the system.
  • It secures the device, the files and the data stored there.
  • He coordinates between the software and the user of the software.

Android Operating System

Although the Android operating system is relatively new in the world of operating systems, it is the only operating system that is developing at a very rapid rate. It was introduced to the world a decade ago and now almost all cellphones, tablets, etc. make use of it. Although it is specifically a mobile operating system, it is very often used in various laptops and computers. The Android operating system is an original idea from Google and it runs on the Linux-based kernel. It is considered the best operating system for touch screen systems. Technological advances can be seen in the emergence of Android TVs, game consoles, PCs, etc. The user interface of the android is based on direct manipulation through touch gestures and it generally responds to sliding, sliding, pinching, etc. types of gestures.

Important Topics In The Help On Operating System Assignment

The operating system is a broad subject with a number of sub-subjects of sub-discipline. Operating system assignment assistance is provided to students worldwide. Below are mentioned some of the important topics related to the operating system.

  • Memory Management - This particular term is used quite often in the study of operating systems. This particular process is used for the purpose of controlling and managing the entire system memory. It has various functions such as virtual memory, link, dynamic address translation, etc.
  • Competition - It is generally used for the management of several tasks at a given time. This includes synchronization, switching, blocking, scheduling, etc.
  • File systems - The process of storing and organizing information on the hard drive of the computer system is included in this detail
  • Process - Commands that are used collectively for programming purposes are included in this particular section. The process has a number of sets of functions, including a unique process identifier, environment variables, a security context, and so on.

This was a brief overview of the topics described in the Operating System Homework Help through the AssignmentHelpServices portal.

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