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The field of mathematics mainly deals with the study of quantity, space, structure, as well as change. Mathematics is the subject that is taught to individuals from the start of kindergarten. The sole purpose of teaching mathematics to students is to provide them with clear knowledge of computation and analysis. Mathematics is an interdependent and compulsory subject in almost all fields of study, including engineering, finance, medicine, natural sciences and even social sciences.

Mathematics is the subject that is taught from the nursery level of students and the study of mathematics is endless. Students who feel intrigued by math generally get into math during their graduate studies. These students often fail to manage enough time to complete homework and homework due to the burden of study. At some point, do students often think that someone can do my math homework or can someone help me do my math homework? So they are looking for math help online and are looking for various math assistants. There are websites that provide students with math homework online, but AssignmentHelpServices is known to be the best of all.

Two Main Categories Of Mathematics

Mathematics is an extremely infinite subject having a number of different disciplines, sub-disciplines and categories, AssignmentHelpServices provides online math homework, but a very wide differentiation of the subject is done by bifurcating it. Below, a broad differentiation of the subject of mathematics into two sub-disciplines.

  • Pure Mathematics - The area of mathematics that studies only the abstract or raw concepts of mathematics is generally called pure mathematics. This category of mathematics is used in the fields of astronomy, physics, navigation, engineering and many others. Students from all of the disciplines mentioned here need online math help, provided by AssignmentHelpServices.
  • Applied Mathematics - This particular area of mathematics essentially uses the concepts of mathematics and applies them in everyday life. The application of mathematics finds its use in many fields, especially engineering, computer science, industries and businesses, etc.

Different Discipline Of Pure Mathematics

As mentioned above, mathematics is an extremely large and varied subject and includes a number of sub-disciplines. Listed below are some of the disciplines of pure math in which AssignmentHelpServices provides online math homework.

  • Algebra - The area of mathematics that deals with the manipulation of mathematical numbers and symbols is generally called algebra. Manipulations are done in different forms.
  • Geometry - This particular area studies various figures of different dimensions.
  • Number theory - Like mathematics mainly concerns numbers, it is one of the critical parts of pure mathematics. This particular domain mainly includes whole and natural numbers and their fundamental operations.


Algebra is a critical part of mathematics, which integrates geometry, number theory and analysis itself. The simplest definition of algebra will be the study of the symbols used in mathematics and the different rules that are used for the purpose of manipulating these symbols. Algebra connects almost all areas of mathematics by serving as a fine unifying thread. It has different levels and types ranging from elementary level algebra to complex algebraic expressions including rings, groups and fields. AssignmentHelpServices also provides online math homework in the field of algebra. The quality of the online math homework provided by AssignmentHelpServices is unbeatable and second to none at such a website.


The domain of mathematics which deals essentially with the functioning of numbers and the numerical system is the domain of arithmetic. The basic operations that are included in the arithmetic field are simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Arithmetic is related to the field of number theory. It is the branch of mathematics which is taught both in elementary classes and in higher levels. It is one of the chiefs and the fundamental part of mathematics as it serves as the basic level for performing one of the mathematical operations. It is the most primitive form of mathematics and has been studied since 18,000 BC. AssignmentHelpServices also provides online math help in arithmetic and this is of a completely high standard as well.

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