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These days, articles are the most useful way to learn about student knowledge. It is used in many colleges to judge a student's abilities. Article writing can become a very difficult piece of work for students in times when they are hurry to finish assignments. Writing an article requires careful attention and careful attention to its coordination. There are different types of articles and writing that require knowledge of their formats.

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Narrative Essay

Narrative essay is the simplest type of writing. In this type of essay, the author must tell a story. The stories we read are not in the books, but the stories are often real experiences or incidents. It is a narration of an event through the perspectives of the book, so their feelings, opinions and ideas must be written to make it a kind of story and also help connect readers to this work. A story like storytelling helps more to involve readers in writing. The narration is most focused on this type of dissertation.

Properties Of Narrative Essays

  • Characters - Since storytelling is a type of storytelling, characters should also be developed based on an event or incident. Careful selection of characters plays an important role in attracting the attention of readers.
  • Literary Techniques - The literary styles of storytelling require the use of metaphors to make them more entertaining and engaging. In addition, writing an essay in the first person helps the reader to understand without much effort.
  • Chronology - This type of essay is written in chronological order, that is, events are written based on their occurrence.
  • Lesson - The lesson or the moral of the story is what was written in the last section of the narrative essays. The author ends his essay by writing the moral of the incident through his own experience and understanding.

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