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What is Blockchain?

Blockchain, sometimes called DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology), makes history All digital assets are immutable and transparent through the use of decentralization and Cryptographic hash. When we create Document and share it with a group of people, the document is distributed instead of copying or Transfer. This creates a decentralized distribution chain that gives everyone access to Document at the same time. No one is closed pending changes from another party, while All changes made to the document are saved in real time, all changes being made transparent. Of course, the blockchain is more sophisticated than Google Doc, but the scale is suitable for this. It demonstrates three critical ideas of technology: Block Chain is a particularly promising and revolutionary technology because it reduces risks, It eliminates fraud and brings extensively transparency for countless uses.

How does blockchain work?

The point of using a blockchain is to let people - especially people who don't trust each other - share valuable data securely and inviolably.

- MIT technology review

The blockchain consists of three important concepts: blocks, nodes and miners.


Each chain consists of several blocks and each block has three basic elements: Data in the block. A 32-bit integer called nonce. Nonce is randomly generated when A block is created, and then it generates a block header hash. The hash is a 256-bit number associated with others. You should start with a huge The number of zeros (that is, they are very small). When the first block of a chain is created, nonce generates an encryption Cups. Blocking data is signed and linked to third parties forever Hash unless it is mined.


Miners create new blocks on the chain through a process called extraction. In a blockchain, each block has its own nonce and hash, but also refers to the hash of the previous block in the chain, so extracting a block is not easy, especially on big chains. Miners use special software to solve the incredibly complex mathematical problem of find a nonce that generates an accepted hash. Because the nonce has only 32 bits and the hash is 256 there are about four billion possible non-hashes combinations that must be extracted before finding the right one. When that happens that the miners would have found the "golden nuncio" and their block is added to the chain. To modify a block earlier in the chain, it is necessary to reexamine not only the block with the change, but all the blocks that come after. That's why this is extremely difficult to manipulate blockchain technology. Think about it, it's like math security because finding gold nuns takes a long time and Computing power. When a block is successfully extracted, the modification is accepted by all the nodes on the network and the minor are financially rewarded.


One of the most important concepts of blockchain technology is decentralization. No computer or organization can own the chain. Instead, it is distributed Ledger on the nodes connected to the series. The contract can be any type of electronic device The device that keeps copies of the blockchain and maintains the network Operation. Each node has its own copy of the blockchain and must be the network The algorithm approves any mass newly extracted from the chain to be updated, Reliable and verified. Since blockchains are transparent, each action is in a ledger Easily verifiable and visible. Each participant is assigned a An alphanumeric identifier that indicates their transactions. The combination of general information and a system of checks and balances helps Blockchain maintains integrity and creates trust between users. Fundamentally, Blockchains can be seen as reliability through technology.


Ethereum programmers can generate tokens to represent any kind of digital asset, Track their ownership and implement their functions according to a group of Programming instructions. Symbols can be music files, contracts, concert tickets, or even a medical patient Records. This has expanded the blockchain's ability to hack into the other Sectors such as media, government, and identity security. Thousands of companies Currently researching and developing fully functional products and ecosystems On booming technology. Blockchain challenges the current state of innovation by allowing Companies are piloting pioneering technologies like peer-to-peer energy Forms of distribution or decentralization of the media. Very similar to the definition Blockchain, the uses of the ledger system will only evolve as technology evolves.

Ethereum blockchain allows developers to create cutting edge software that can Communicate with each other on the blockchain.

Beyond Bitcoin: Ethereum Blockchain

It was originally created as a highly transparent ledger system for running Bitcoin In, Blockchain has long been associated with cryptocurrencies, however Transparency and technological security have seen increasing dependence in a number of Regions, many of which can be traced to the development of Ethereum Block chain. In late 2013, Canadian-Russian developer Vitalik Putrin published a white book That proposed a platform that combines traditional blockchain functionality with one The main difference: computer code implementation. Thus, it was the Ethereum project born.

Blockchain applications

Blockchain has an endless number of applications in almost every industry. The ledger technology can be applied to track financing fraud and patient participation safely Medical records among health care professionals are even a better way.

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