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The simplest definition of biotechnology is to use biological systems to produce commercially useful products by applying a technological approach to them. The term biotechnology comes from two main words "bio" and "technology" and when biology is combined with technology, biotechnology comes into play. Although biology and technology are extremely different from each other when they sum up, they provide extremely useful research and products. In biotechnology, science and technology go hand in hand to provide the best kind of innovation and technology. Very often, students choose biotechnology as the main course in their colleges or universities and decide to pursue graduate studies in their very amazing field of biotechnology. In such cases, students receive homework, assignment, projects, etc. related to biotechnology and they often look for help with homework in biotechnology or help with homework in biotechnology on the Internet. AssignmentHelpServices has well qualified subject matter experts who specialize in providing any type of assistance to biotechnology students. Very often, students receive projects outside of homework and assignment , and AssignmentHelpServices subject matter experts can provide you with the very authentic and much sought after biotechnology project help.

Fields of Biotechnology

  • Biochemistry - The branch of science that includes the use of biology and chemistry in relation to living organisms.
  • Plant biotechnology - Biotechnology science limited to plants only.
  • Molecular biology - The branch of science that deals with the function and structure of macromolecules that play the most important role in the living world.
  • Biomedical Sciences - The branch of biology that deals with the functioning of the cell, organs or organic systems of living organisms. It is one of the most important disciplines in biology.
  • Bioinformatics - The branch of science that functions by collecting and analyzing important data related to biological systems, such as genetic codes, is generally part of bioinformatics.
  • Animal biotechnology - The science of biotechnology that is limited only to animals is known as animal biotechnology.
  • Microbiology - The study of extremely small organisms that are only visible under microscopes is known as microbiology.
  • DNA sequencing - The science that determines the order of nucleotides in the DNA molecules of living creatures.

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