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The branch of mathematics that deals with the study of numbers and the properties of operations that take place between numbers in particular is arithmetic. It basically includes the properties of operations between numbers and operations include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Arithmetic mathematics is considered to be the elementary part of number theory which is known to be among the high level divisions of modern mathematics. Most students who study mathematics or related disciplines also study arithmetic mathematics. Students often have difficulty understanding and practicing and therefore seek help in arithmetic math. They often find it difficult to complete assigned homework and homework and seek help with arithmetic homework. AssignmentHelpServices has experts specializing in arithmetic math, who provide students with the best type of arithmetic homework help.

Elements of arithmetic

Arithmetic is an extremely broad discipline which incorporates in itself three main elements. The elements of arithmetic mathematics are described below:

  • Elementary Arithmetic - This is the most simplified form of arithmetic and includes basic levels of operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Decimal System - This element of arithmetic mathematics includes the system of decimals whose base is ten. This element of arithmetic is mainly used in modern arithmetic.
  • Numbering System - The numbering system is used primarily for the purpose of expressing the numbering system. The real number, an odd number, an even number, a prime number, rational and irrational numbers are included in the numbering system.

Arithmetic operations

There are a large number of arithmetic operators who are responsible for performing different arithmetic operations.

  • Reduction - This particular operation consists of a reduction of a quantity composed into a single unit. It is used to simplify the operation.
  • Expansion - Obviously, expansion is the opposite of what reduction was. Therefore, this involves the expansion of a single unit to a compound quantity.
  • Normalization - This particular operation consists in converting the compound units into a standard form. It is an extremely important arithmetic operator and is widely used in arithmetic mathematics.

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